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Innovation Polymers

Moulded polymers for unique Ultrasonic NDT Applications

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Decrease your inspection time by improving the signal to noise ratio on your scans using our polymers

We regularly work with NDT Level II and Level III project managers to innovate and develop new solutions that meet the evolving needs of their projects by guiding them step-by-step through the process of creating acoustic capable wheels, wedges and delay lines. From material selection to complex shapes and combined materials, we have a history of delivering solutions for out of the ordinary ultrasonic inspection applications.

Our trademark materials are: Aqualene™, ACE™ and Aqualink™ along with other mixtures and specialized polymers.

Phased Array Wheel | Ultrasonic Testing

Phased Array Wheels

Used to inspect composites and other
smooth-surfaced materials as an alternative to immersion testing techniques.

Phased Array Wedge | Ultrasonic Testing

Phased Array Wedges

Common applications are to noninvasively inspect for flaws in manufactured materials such as welds or in medical imaging.

Couplant Pads | Ultrasonic Testing

Couplant Pads

Unlike dry couplants normally used as a part of ultrasonic probes, these polymers can be applied independently of the probe.

Delay Line | Ultrasonic Testing

Delay Lines

Used for; precision thickness gaging, straight beam flaw detection and inspection of parts with limited contact areas.

TOFD Wedge | Ultrasonic Testing

TOFD Wedges

Non invasively size cracks in manufactured materials such as steel and to inspect HDPE butt fusion welds.

Longterm Probe Placement | Ultrasonic Testing

Longterm Probe Placement

Used for placing probes (especially under harsh conditions) that require longer time periods to collect scan data.

Innovation Polymers Material Properties Table Download


Aqualene™ – Industry standard optimal coupling

Aquathin – Thin membrane coupling applications

ACE™ – Low temperature wheel applications

Aqualink™ – Soft material, for conforming applications

AquaSilox – High temperature and/or oil resistant applications

AquaCyan – High abrasion, tough applications

Aquabond – Longterm probe placement applications
Refraction Angles based on Aqualene™, ACE™ and Aqualink™
Refraction angles based on material
Wave analysis of Innovation Polymers materials
Wave analysis

Products & Applications

Complex blocks – Beam optimizing with lens or covers

Simple Blocks – Phased Array and Conventional

Phased Array Wheels – Area scanning options

Multi-Angle TOFD Wedges – Supports multiple HDPE materials

Conformable Materials – Ideal for dissimilar welds and coupling irregular surfaces

Research and Development – Custom applications

Targets and Cavity Shapes – Combine material or embed targets

Medical Applications – Medical phantom and tissue mimicking

Our Clients

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Featured News and Case Studies

ACE 200 Scan Data and live look

The research and development team at Innovation Polymers have created a new elastomer (ACE™ 200). The new formulation enhances the conformability as well as the ultrasonic properties of the material. The new material can now easily conform to irregular shapes which includes processing into flat sheets, bladders or wheels and other custom configurations based on custom specific designs.

three leg conformable ultrasonic probe

Ultrasonic thickness testing is probably one of the simplest and most common applications of ultrasonic technology. However, it can be frustrating trying to get a steady signal because the surface is rough or not flat. Innovation Polymers now provides a conformable delay line in a three-legged holder that can improve the stability of thickness readings.

Aqualene NDT Couplant for Composite Inspections

Aqualene NDT Couplant for Composite Inspections

Using traditional acrylic material for aircraft inspections can have a tendency to cause issues that ultimately end up costing you time and accuracy. Some examples of this might be maintaining coupling between your probe and the part, issues with the delay scuffing the surface of the part, and the mess of gel cleanup afterward. These examples are just referencing the easy-to-reach portions of the aircraft.

New Compact Phased Array Wedge for HDPE Butt Fusion Joints

Innovation Polymers in partnership with Materials Research Institute has developed a new and innovative phased array wedge design that improves phased array sectorial scanning of HDPE butt fusion joints. We have done this by incorporating a damping material with a low velocity refracting wedge made with Aqualink™ for pulse-echo testing.

Longterm Probe Placement with Aquabond

Applications exist where ultrasonic probes are required to be in place for long periods of time, sometimes in relatively extreme conditions. Typically, ultrasonic corrosion monitoring and ultrasonic flow metering place probes on a surface and take readings on a continuous or periodic basis. Water soluble gels eventually dry and the coupling effect is reduced and then lost.

Multiple Angle TOFD wedges for HDPE inspections

Multiple-Angle TOFD Wedge for HDPE Inspection

High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) pipe is now a popular substitute for steel pipe. Varieties of HDPE used in industry have an acoustic velocity range from ≈ 2100 m/s to ≈ 2600 m/s. Using PMMA or polystyrene as a refracting wedge material could result in very little to negative refraction. Our elastomeric materials range from 1025 m/s to ≈ 1600 m/s, ensuring positive refraction for all applications on polyethylene.

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