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Acoustic Properties of the Elastomeric Materials Aqualene™ and ACE™

Abstract: An important aspect of coupling ultrasound into a component is the ability to maximise transmission by matching acoustic impedance. Another consideration in ultrasonic testing is the relative velocities of the coupling and tested materials so as to provide effective angles of refraction... (PDF Download)

Low Velocity Elastomer Polymer Wedges Applied to Phased Array Probes

Abstrract: Phased array refracting wedges are generally made with a natural incidence angle that permits an effective range of refracted angles. Manufacturers suggest that it is useful between about plus or minus 15° from that natural refracted angle. Theory indicates that the range of sweep is... (PDF Download)

Development of the Stable Ultrasound Phantoms for Superficial Human Tissue Investigation

Introduction: During the past three decades ultrasound scanning has become an important diagnostic tool in dermatology [1, 2]. In dermatology high frequency (mostly in the rage from 15 to 25 MHz) ultrasound systems are used. Transducer's center frequency has a direct effect on image resolution... (PDF Download)

Impedance Matching Polymers

Abstract: Acoustic impedance is a simple parameter to calculate and it is often used to get an impression for how well sound will move from one medium to another. Acoustic impedance matching is a term used to identify how well one material will allow a sound to move from one material to another... (PDF Download)

A Multi-Modality 3D Image Quality
Assessment Standard

Abstract: A prototype calibration standard has been developed to allow 3D imaging quality evaluation and sensitivity assessment for multiple examination modes. Well defined targets with characteristics only slightly different from the surrounding matrix are used to provide a subtle contrast in scattering that can be used... (PDF Download)

A Model for Reflectivity Enhancement due to Surface Bound Submicrometer Particles

Abstract: Submicrometer particles filled with liquid perfluorocarbon have been shown to increase the ultrasound reflectivity of surfaces onto which they bind and, consequently, are seen as potential targeted contrast agents. The objective of this study is to explain the reflectivity enhancement as a result of the presence of... (PDF Download)