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Advanced Ultrasonic Couplant for Long Term Probe Placement

Applications exist where ultrasonic probes are required to be in place for long periods of time, sometimes in relatively extreme conditions. Typically, ultrasonic corrosion monitoring and ultrasonic flow metering place probes on a surface and take readings on a continuous or periodic basis. Water soluble gels eventually dry and the coupling effect is reduced and then lost.

Multiple Angle TOFD wedges for HDPE inspections

Introduction of the Multiple Angle TOFD Wedge

High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) pipe is now a popular substitute for steel pipe. Varieties of HDPE used in industry have an acoustic velocity range from ≈ 2100 m/s to ≈ 2600 m/s. Using PMMA or polystyrene as a refracting wedge material could result in very little to negative refraction. Our elastomeric materials range from 1025 m/s to ≈ 1600 m/s, ensuring positive refraction for all applications on polyethylene.