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New Polymer from Innovation Polymers Provides Higher Conformability & Better Attenuation

Innovation Polymers announces a new material that can conform to a weld cap and produce higher quality scan data for Ultrasonic Testing inspections

March 29, 2022

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to obtaining clear scan data when inspecting irregular or variable surface geometry is the ability of your probe to conform with the surface. Conformability can be obtained with a flexible delay line, bladder or wheel between the transducer and the inspected component. The coupling between the membrane and the component requires a small quantity of water or couplant.

The research and development team at Innovation Polymers have created a new elastomer (ACE™ 200). The new formulation enhances the conformability as well as the ultrasonic properties of the material. This new material can now easily conform to irregular shapes, which includes processing into flat sheets, bladders or wheels and other custom configurations based on customer specific designs.

Test Data

Acoustic Velocity (@ 20°C): 

1531 m/s


900 kg/m2

Acoustic Impedance:

1.38 MRayIs

Attenuation (@ 5 MHz):

0.58 dB/mm


Innovation Polymers would like to announce the release of ACE™ 200.

  • Shore A Hardness of 20
  • Upgraded conformability characteristics from traditional ACE™ 400 polymer
  • Better attenuation (0.58 dB/mm)
  • An excellent balance of rigidity and comformability to optimize it’s Ultrasonic Testing application
ACE 200 Scan Data and live look

About Innovation Polymers:

Innovation Polymers is a leader in acoustic capable polymer solutions for the non-destructive testing industry, providing high-quality products and services to clients across a range of industries. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the company has the capability to develop a wide range of unique sound coupling polymeric media and has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.